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The Changing Tide of Cuba-USA Relations and Resulting Opportunities for Barbados


The intermittent crossing of paths between Barbados and Cuba over the last century has given rise, historically, to opportunity.  Barbados’ ties to Cuba arose following the completion of the Panama Canal in the early 20th century, when many Barbadians arrived in the eastern provinces of Cuba to take part in the evolution of Cuba’s sugar sector, which was fueled by the influx of US capital.  Remnants of this Barbadian presence remain today in the dissipating small pockets of English speaking rural communities like Baragua, where the US-operated Baragua Sugar Company once stood.

The landscape of Cuba was drastically changed in 1959, as La Revolución precipitated Fidel Castro’s rise to power, followed by the USA’s embargo on Cuba.  Though this may have limited Cuba’s ability to participate in the international marketplace, especially with the USA, over the course of the following half century Cuba continued to press on in exemplary fashion in such areas as healthcare, education and sports, providing much needed support to Barbados and the wider region.


Written by Dustin Delany, Principal, Delany & Associates. Source: Barbados International Finance & Business 2016


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