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  October 19-20
  Lloyd Erskine Sandiford
  Centre, Barbados

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  December 6, 2017
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The Barbados/Colombia Business Nexus - Poised for Growth!


The infamous Pablo Escobar, pop legend Shakira and the ubiquitous Juan Valdez coffee brand have one thing in common - The Republic of Colombia, located at the northern tip of South America.  But a visit to Colombia will reveal that it is much more than the birthplace of these internationally renowned personalities. Colombia is not only a fascinating country rich in the arts, history, culture, stunning architecture, mesmerising landscapes and lush rainforests, but it also boasts a thriving business sector.  Agribusiness, manufacturing, commercial and IT services, which includes building materials, cosmetics and toiletries, private equity funds, energy, including oil and gas, and goods and services, comprise the principal segments of the business sector.

Barbados, with its broad range of investment offerings, is well positioned to grow and preserve the wealth generated by families and businesses in Colombia, particularly through its wealth structuring and investment vehicles; for example, through a trust, foundation or an international business company. Colombia and Mexico remain at the top of Barbados’ list of Latin American investors’ planning opportunities.


Written by Liza Harridyal-Sodha, Attorney-At-Law, Harridyal-Sodha & Associates; Source: Barbados International Finance & Business 2017

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