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When seeking a jurisdiction that has been proven over time to be stable, reputable, transparent, cost-effective and which also offers an excellent quality of life, an investor need look no further than Barbados.  For decades, this international financial centre has been highly regarded, not only for its professional talent, modern infrastructure and competitiveness, but for encouraging and attracting business of substance.

With well over 50 years experience in welcoming foreign investment, the Barbados government continues to provide an enabling environment that attracts business in areas such as wealth management, international insurance, international sales and marketing, financial services, information and communications technology and niche manufacturing, particularly from Canada, the USA and Latin America. Through access to Barbados’ treaty network, these businesses enjoy several benefits including protection from double taxation as well as enhancement of their global competitive advantage.

As the international business landscape has evolved, so too has the range of services being delivered through Barbados. While continuing to serve businesses in the aforementioned traditional sectors, in recent years, the country has been increasingly sought after as a location for medical schools and education services in general. At the same time, interest from other growth sectors such as medical tourism and alternative energy remains high. 



Written by Jannette Babb, Director, Research & Development (Ag), Invest Barbados

Source: Business Barbados, Twentieth Edition - 2018

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