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How We Can Help Foreign Investors



Thinking of establishing a business in Barbados?  Then IB is the place to begin. IB opens windows to the procedures necessary to the set up process. In close cooperation with all government ministries, IB provides you with smooth access to administrative information including laws, standards, regulations, incentives and business conditions around the nation.  

Our dedicated team of professionals will take you through the steps required for setting up your business. Our pre-investment facilitation services include:


  • Provision of social, political and economic information.
  • Guidance on registration requirements and provision of relevant legislation.
  • Co-ordination of strategic alliances with private sector organisations.
  • Introduction and on-going liaison with relevant government agencies.
  • Facilitation of a comprehensive itinerary of relevant business meetings in Barbados.

After the decision to set up is made, our Investment Promotion and Facilitation division will provide guidance on:


  1. Selection of a local attorney-at-law to register and incorporate your company
  2. Identification of service providers offering international tax planning, auditing, corporate secretarial and management services 
  3. Applications for the relevant corporate/international company licenses
  4. Registrations with the Central Bank, Barbados Revenue Authority and the Customs Department
  5. Work permit applications
  6. Banking arrangements
  7. Real estate selection
  8. Customs requirements
  9. Application for utilities
  10. Recruitment and training of staff

We also offer a customised client aftercare programme, designed to ensure that your investment experience is successful and free of impediments. We will continue to be the liaison between the investor and government departments and offer individual assistance to each investor.

We stand ready to guide you through the process - let Barbados work for you!


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