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Barbados is a well-regulated, low tax jurisdiction.  It offers a range of tax-efficient vehicles through which international business can be conducted.  International business can be conducted through utilisation of the relevant below listed Acts and Regulations:


Companies Act - Cap 308

   Companies (Amendment) Act 2012-2

   Regulations - Companies Act

   Companies (Amendment) Act, 2016-1 (Incorporated Cell Companies)


Corporate and Trust Service Providers Act, 2015-2


Exempt Insurance Act - Cap. 308A

    Exempt Insurance (Amendment) Act 2012-4




Financial Institutions Act - Cap 324A


Foundations Act, 2013-2


Income Tax Act - Cap. 73

    Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2009-6

    Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2010-11

    Income Tax (Amendment)(No.2) Act, 2010-13

    Income Tax (Amendment)(No.3) Act, 2010-15

    Income Tax  Regulations, SI 2010  No.113

    Income Tax (Amendment) (No.2) 2011-26

    Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2012-26


Incorporated Cell Companies


Insurance Act - Cap 310


International Business Companies Act - Cap. 77

    International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2012-23

    International Business (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2014-9


   International Business Companies Regulations


   Application Form - IBC Licence


  Annual Form - IBC Licence


International Commercial Arbitration Act, 2007 - 45


International Financial Services Act - Cap. 325

   International Financial Services (Amendment) Act, 2012-24


International Trusts Act - Cap. 245


Mutual Funds Act - Cap 320B


Private Trust Companies Act, 2012-22


Securities Act - Cap 318A


   Securities Regulations


Shipping Incentives Act - Cap. 90A


   Shipping Incentives Amendment Act 2009-31


Small Business Development Act - Cap. 318C


Societies with Restricted Liability Act - Cap. 318B

    Societies with Restricted Liability (Amendment) Act 2012

    Societies with Restricted Liability (Amendment)(No.2) Act, 2012-25

    International Business (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2014-9


   Application Form - ISRL Licence


   Annual Form - ISRL Licence


   Societies with Restricted Liability Regulations


Tourism Development Act - Cap. 341


Trustee Act - Cap. 250


Value Added Tax Act

Value Added Tax Order 2012 - S I 2012 No. 6 

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