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Medical Transcription




An Excellent Choice for Near-shore Medical Transcription Services

Looking for a safe, near shore location for medical transcription services with the opportunity to reduce costs and increase profits? Do you need an educated workforce that is trainable and productive?

Barbados, the business hub of the Caribbean, offers social, political and economic stability. Noted for its service-oriented, loyal, trainable and productive workforce, the country has a business infrastructure that is efficient, cost competitive, and state-of-the-art.

The Government of Barbados actively encourages foreign direct investment and is committed to developing a thriving Medical Transcription Industry. Investors may benefit from an attractive incentives package comprised of low corporate tax rates, and cost competitive office accommodation. 

Attractive Incentives

A company offering medical transcription services outside of Barbados and registered as an International Business Company or an International Society with Restricted Liability will benefit from a low tax rate of 2.5%-0.25%, depending on the levels of profits earned in Barbados; duty free importation of all equipment and materials to be used in its business; exemption from exchange controls; no withholding taxes on dividends, royalties or interest payments.



Other Advantages

Suitability of Labour: - Available, productive, English-speaking, easily trainable workforce with good work ethic. Companies in Barbados report productivity levels of over 98.5% with low turnover and absenteeism.


Barbados is ideally suited to offer Medical Transcription services to hospital, surgical and intensive care facilities.

Telecommunications – Barbados is equipped with modern infrastructure offering the latest in digital technology and broadband fibre optic capabilities. Internet service is available island-wide.

Electricity – The Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd. supplies clean and reliable electricity service throughout the island. Electric supply is available for 110Volts/50 Cycles as well as 220Volts/50 Cycles.

International Accessibility – Excellent air and sea links provide good connections for passenger and cargo services.

Local Transportation – Reliable public transportation system

Time Zone – Compatible time zone with Eastern USA.

Operating Facilities – Available in business parks at competitive rental rates.

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